The Scoop On Smoking from ACSH: what every teen should know about tobacco

erectile dysfunction

(a.k.a. ED, impotence )

the bottom line

Smoking increases your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

just the facts

  • About 30 million American men suffer from ED regularly; most of them are older men, but younger men can have erectile dysfunction, too. (1)
  • men who smoke are about twice as likely as men who don't smoke to suffer from ED and impotence. (2)

1. Tengs TO, Osgood ND. The link between smoking and impotence: two decades of evidence. Preventive Medicine 2001;32:447-452.
2. McVary MT, Carrier S, Wessels H; Subcommittee on Smoking and Erectile Dysfunction Socioeconomic Committee, Sexual Medicine Society of North America. Smoking and erectile dysfunction: evidence based analysis. Journal of Urology 2001;166:1624-1632.

erectile dysfunction

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